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ID`s / Branding / Rebrading
Campaigns/ DTP - prepress
Packaging/ Illustration/ Naming
Or any other interesting projects.

Graphic design and digital or offset print servicis for:

Business cards, flyers, brochures, booklets, folders, posters, catalogues, bar and restaurant menus, invitations, etiquettes, magazines, calendars, planners, letterheads, envelopes, street ad`s, magazine and paper ad`s, logos, book multiplication.

Servicii Webdesign

Content management system websites
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How i do it  

Define and sculpt the brief with the client.


Getting to know the client, the business structure and the issue(s) at hand.

Corporate business objectives
Overall strategy
Competitor analysis
Market segmentation
Communications objectives
Target audience
Key message(s)


Corporative brainstorming with the client, creatives,
and strategists and eny other people who are relevant to the proje


Formulating a plan to cover all aspects of the project.

Create project plan
Budget allocation
Time lines
Areas of project implementation:
Stationary, Brochure, Leaflet, Direct mail, Advertising (internet, radio, tv, Cd-Rom, Kiosk, press)


Design of initial ideas & concepts.

Brand ideeas
Overall look and feel
Photography/ image style
Logo ideea and graphics presentation
Ideea presentation for other established promotional materials (posters, Brochure, leaflets, Tv or Radio Ad`s, etc. )
Brand colours
Secundary palettes


Refined design presentation.


Refined brand ideas
Refined look and feel
Refined logo design
Refined promotional materials (posters, Brochure, leaflets, Tv or Radio Ad`s, etc. )
Refined primary and secundary brand palettes


Finished brand image.
Directing the new brand image to the established media areas.


Note : this is a overview and a guide only. Every project follows a unique process relevant to its own issues and requirements.




My name is Sebastian Ispas Tudor, but my friends call me Basti. I am 27 years old and i live in a small, but full of history and traditions town, from the heart of Romania, called Alba Iulia.
After graduating the High School of Music and Fine Arts, i decided to continue my studies in an area that attracted me from the moment i learned of its existence, namely design. Unfortunately, there is no university in which to study this subject in the tiny Alba Iulia, so i chose to continue my studies at the Faculty of Arts and Design, within the West University of Timisoara.
There, i studied Graphic Design as a main subject for 3 years, along with other disciplines such as 2D-3D Composition, Photography, Art History, Aesthetics, Colour, Drawing, etc. Due to the artistic experience provided by the years spent in high school, most of the subjects, except graphic design, were very familiar to me, so i wanted to find out more about this new and attractive discipline. My curious and always eager to experience nature helped me learn many new things about what was going to be my new job and all the branches it works with. I can say that i managed to gather pretty solid knowledge in the field of printing techniques used in making various graphic materials. Although, so far, my work was limited mostly to the conventional ATL branch, i am very curious and i want to experience more in a BTL team, because i really like the idea of ​​the brand’s direct and personal interaction with the individual.
Although i was more concerned with education, i have been open also to the occasional freelance projects that have been proposed to me, during which i got to learn more about communicating with the client, i succeeded in perfecting my own image as a freelancer and, perhaps most importantly, i learned and perfected the way of displaying and supporting my graphic and conceptual image.
In 2008 i received my bachelor`s degree in Visual Arts, specialized in Graphic Design, at which point i decided to deepen my studies, so i followed a master’s degree in the field that i got to love so much. But unfortunately, in my college there was no master program with specialization in graphic design, but only in another branch of design, namely the product design. Wishing to have continuity in my studies and not to lose precious years until the college created a master in graphic design, i decided to join, even managing to reach an agreement with my main material’s teacher, so that i could make my dissertation paper in package design, which, in my opinion, is somewhere on the border between graphic design and product design.
After graduating in 2010, i decided to go back home to Alba Iulia, where, after about half a year, i started to work as a graphic designer at the “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia within the Image and Marketing Office.
My main activity in the office where i work is to promote the university’s image locally, nationally and internationally, by developing promotional materials such as brochures, catalogues, presentation videos, flyers, posters, t-shirts, newspaper and magazine layouts, banners, etc. Unfortunately, until now, i used only the conventional ATL type products in promoting the institution, but, in the future, we will try to suggest the university some ideas of the brand’s exclusive promotion, by means of more targeted and incisive messages, aimed at small and very small groups of individuals, in order to maximize the response rate, namely to experience a bit of the BTL.
Since February 2011 when i was hired, i can say that i helped the university’s image, and even raised its level thru new and fresh design lines. Although my work here, mostly implies making promotional materials, many times i face the not so appealing tasks of my work, but which, i admit, helped me to become a more organized person and which, the most important, made ​​me understand that “it is not enough to send by email a brochure or a catalogue layout and to expect the print to come back exactly how you imagined it!”. Therefore, i attach a great importance to the data sheet and to the technical specifications of each printed material that i make. This type of project management is a very important factor of my work in the university’s small internal studio.
In terms of technique, most of my projects are done in graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and a little bit of Corel Draw. So far, i have not felt the need to use other professional software, as those mentioned above helped me long enough to take out all the projects i worked on.
I can say that, ​​up to the moment, i achieved quite a lot in terms of my field, but I’m sure that i have still a lot to learn before i get to the level i want, and i think that a collaboration with your agency would be a benefit for me as a professional, and also for you, because i think my input can be very valuable.

Thank you for the time paid to read my CV and i hope that my short professional description lets you know more about me than the classical CVs.